How to Excel in Auditions?

For a prospective actor, singer, dancer or a musician, the audition is a like a job interview.  The passion of a person is displayed in such an audition which is tested and analyzed by a team of judges who are professionals in the respective field.

Of course, it is not confined only to display the memorized and rehearsed solo performance, but it might include some professional skills as demanded by the judges as well.  Based on your performance at the audition your destiny is decided as the professional present for the auditor would select the performers for their upcoming projects.

The prospective casting decisions are based on the auditions as far as the movie, theatre, film and TV screening is concerned.


Background Work

You should find out whether the proposed audition is for amateur, school or community organizations since the performance differs for each of the categories.  Similarly, there might not be any remuneration for such a performance.  In case the organization is looking for candidates for the advanced talented course/ training, the screen test or the audition might be different depending upon the training program or the ballet school or the circus school.  Once you decide to opt for the audition, your focus should be in consonance with the objective of the audition and screen test.

Things You Should Know


As and when the notification is released for the movie audition, you should comply with the terms mentioned by the auditioning organization.  The things you should remember—A latest “head shot” and also the updated resume

On completion of successful performance, there could be subsequent rounds of auditions and also some brief questions connected with the specific fine art you are pursuing.  Be prepared for some regular and suitable answers for some anticipated questions.

In north India, there are many best organizations looking for aspiring and talent performers for their upcoming movies.  You can try your luck in one of the auditions in Delhi which are arranged periodically.

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